3 WinterHomeCare Tips This Season

Carpet Sanitization, Mattress Sanitization and Sofa Sanitization

Wintercare for skin? Wintercare for plants? Wintercare for pets? What about winterhomecare ? The sofas, the mattresses and the carpets? Things that keep you warm and also attract germs and dust mites due to the damp, cold weather.

Come winter and the carpets, the sofas and the mattresses become a breeding ground for dustmite that thrive on animal fur and discarded skin flakes of humans – yes the skin flakes that are in abundance during these wintry months with increased dryness of skin – leading to various allergies.

So, how does one keep oneself safe from these microbes during the wintry months?

1) Flip the mattresses over, spread the carpet out on the rare sunny days and vacuum the sofas regularly.
2) Keep the pets clean and tidy.
3) Dehumidify home by letting in natural sun and light for the maximum time one can.

And of course, weigh the option of getting a professional carpet, mattress and sofa sanitization done. It’s quick, it’s hassle free and it keeps you healthy throughout the winter season.