5-Day Yearend Home Cleaning Routine

Christmas Yearend Home Cleaning
End Of Year Festive Home Cleaning

It’s that time of the year when you plan for a long break from work to rejuvenate yourself for the next year. So, why not rejuvenate your home? Plan a day-to-day checklist for sprucing up your home. And here are our recommendations for the 5 day yearend home cleaning plan.

Day 1 – Prepare a checklist of things to be fixed – appliances, leaking taps, cluttered loft, greasy kitchen, walls that need waterproofing, change of upholstery etc.

Day 2 – Check all appliances. If they are not in a working condition for quite some time, replace them and arrange for e-waste disposal.

Day 3 – Re-arrange cupboards, cabinets, lofts. Donate old stuff that aren’t in use.

Day 4 – Clean and sanitize all upholstery. Overhaul old mattresses.

Day 5 – Pamper your home with a premium home cleaning package.

Once you are done, get friends over for a Christmas / Year end House party. And don’t bother about the after party mess. You can call Timesaverz to help you with after party cleaning.