It’s time to get your home festival-ready!

With festivals like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri arriving early this year, it’s safe to say that now is the right time to start preparing.

But when it comes to presenting a perfect home during the festivities, what can really help?

A great looking sofa

You must have spent a long time choosing the right sofa for your living room. But if its stained or if its looking faded, it can ruin the overall aesthetics of your home. During festivities, guests tend to throng in large numbers and a dirty sofa may not be the best thing. A professional sofa cleaning can help take care of stains and bring back the original luster, making it perfect for the festival season.

Perfect washrooms

Before the festivities, people take out time to thoroughly clean their homes, every corner, even the storage areas. But if areas like the washroom tiles or floors are left with stains and soiled in dirt, it won’t leave a good impression. Get your washrooms to look perfect and clean with help from the experts.

Beautiful kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of the household. A clean kitchen equals great overall hygiene but because there is so much cooking done here, tiles can get easily stained or coated with oil and grime. A dirty kitchen will give your household the impression that its unhygienic and nobody wants to leave their guests with that thought. A complete kitchen cleaning using the right methods and materials can leave your kitchen spick and span and festival-ready.

Leave nothing unattended

If there are a lot of minor repair tasks still pending, make a list and get them fixed before the festival season begins. On the one hand cleaning the home and making sure everything is perfect and then leaving repair tasks however minor unattended will defeat the purpose!

So how can one easily go about festival preparations?


Planning is a must. Pre-planning will help you to stay on track of time. Plan your schedule and reserve days for a thorough pre-festival home cleaning by dividing your home into parts or rooms. Room by room or section by section cleaning will help ensure everything gets done on time.

Clean your cupboard

Remove all junk and clutter and if you have a significant quantity of unwanted clothes and accessories or other belongings that are still in a good condition, donate them.

Stock up on supplies

Stock up on all necessary cleaning supplies in all your rooms instead of stocking them up in one cupboard, this way you don’t have to go back and forth to get something you need. Furthermore, stock up on grocery items and treats so that it’s easier to serve guests when they come over. This will help you clean-up easily or cater to your guests easily! Try out a professional home cleaning if you are struggling to manage time.

Use alternatives

Supposing you run out on the glass cleaner do not rush to the store nearby, just grab hydrogen peroxide and finish your cleaning. Hydrogen Peroxide is a multi-purpose fluid. Same goes with Apple cider vinegar.


Noone is a Super Human. Share the pre-festival preparation work with everyone in your family. Divide cleaning or decorating tasks.


Make a list of all the things you need to purchase from the market like new bed sheets, curtains, bed covers, blankets, lanterns, lighting, etc. Once you have made the list verify it. This will ensure that you don’t waste your time visiting the market daily to get the one thing you forgot. Last minute purchases make a huge hole in the pocket so avoid doing so.

Have fun and enjoy every moment of the festival season. Log on to Timesaverz to get the experts to help with the pre-festival cleaning.

Pest control can protect you from Dengue and Chikungunya

During the monsoon season, its common to find roads filled with stagnant water or puddles. This water is like a breeding ground for mosquitoes. As a result, several mosquitoes borne diseases like Chikungunya and Dengue start to spread. Continue reading “Pest control can protect you from Dengue and Chikungunya”

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Expert foot care tips for the monsoons

Our feet are exposed to rough weather changes all through the year. During the monsoon especially, the moisture in the air can lead to skin problems and irritation.

A little attention and care is all it takes to keep your feet and the skin safe and smooth and infection free.

Here are some quick tips.

Keep them dry

Always try and keep your feet dry. Exposure to constant moisture makes them vulnerable to cracks and infection. The best way is to keep a pair of shoes at the workplace so you can change into them if you got drenched in the rain. Or, dry your feet thoroughly and keep them out of closed shoes if you don’t have an extra pair around.

Foot cleansing

Wash your feet with soap or liquid body wash as soon as you step into the house, because during this season, there are high chances that a ton of germs are entering the home along with you.

Keep your toenails trimmed

Keep your toe nails trimmed as long nails accumulate more dirt. During this season, the muddy streets can become a nuisance. The best way to keep your feet clean and healthy is regular cleaning and pedicures. 

Foot scrubbing

Soak your foot for about 10-15 minutes while taking a bath. After soaking in hot water, scrub your feet with foot scrub then apply a moisturizer as it helps your skin rejuvenate and replace new cells with dead cells.

Don’t step out with an open wound

If you have open wounds do not step out of the house without covering the area with a bandage. Avoid stepping into puddles when you have an open wound on your foot.

Wear open, strappy footwear

Avoid closed footwear because it will hold water and cause soggy feet. Instead buy open toe or strappy footwear. Or, buy some special rain wear for the season.

To avoid smelly shoes and feet:

-Do not keep your footwear or shoe rack under the bed. Let it be left in the open so that it dries out and doesn’t smell.

-It’s always good idea to have two pairs of footwear for the monsoon, one for traveling with and another to wear at the workplace.

With these few easy tips for the monsoon, you are all set to enjoy the rains! Get a professional pedicure done in the comfort of your own home to keep your feet monsoon-ready.

Safety tips to keep in mind while driving during monsoon

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Monsoon? Well for most, it usually relates to greenery, the feeling of wanting to go on a long drive and munching on pakodas.

We always try and take safety measures to stay away from all sorts of illness in the monsoon. But what about while driving in this season? What about you and your loved ones safety? Have you ever thought about taking safety measures while driving in the monsoon?

Here we are to help you.

  1. Planning

Always plan your road trip. Check the weather before leaving the house. Leave a bit early so that even if you get stuck in “traffic” it won’t affect your schedule. It is common for our roads to get jammed with traffic during heavy rains. You can also check traffic in real time before leaving.

  1. Check your vehicle

When the monsoon is just around the corner get a full check of your vehicle and ensure that your car is functioning properly. If something needs a fix its better to get it done as soon as possible. This is really very important for your own safety. Cars can be more vulnerable during monsoons.

  1. Stay Alert

One must be very alert and conscious while driving in the rains. Roads tend to become slippery and speeding during this season can lead to loss of control of the car. Stay alert, keep your hands on the wheel and don’t drive too fast!

  1. Keep safe distance

It takes three times longer to stop on a wet road. Maintain more distance than usual while driving. It could avoid accidents.

  1. Correctly pull over

If there is a severe storm and due to low visibility and bad weather conditions you cannot drive, pull over completely and turn off your headlights and brake lights as well. As in low visibility drivers usually tend to follow the tail lights instead of staying and focusing on the road.

  1. Be in control

Sudden application of brakes or even sudden acceleration may be harmful and cause a chaos. Be the person in control. Apply brakes early and slowly and gradually anticipate the movement of traffic and turns. While accelerating slowly, increase the speed. It will keep you in control of your vehicle.

  1. Avoid potholes

If you see potholes with accumulated water in it avoid driving through it. You never know what lies beneath. It can be an open manhole or a killer pothole both of which can damage your car and might take a big hit. In such conditions drive carefully or follow a car ahead of you.

Hope you have a great and a safe monsoon! Book a professional car spa service so no matter how soiled and muddy the interiors or exteriors get, our experts can take care of it!