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Timesaverz Gift Cards
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The Gift of Time, an invaluable gift in today’s “forever-on-the-rush” world. That’s why Timesaverz Gift Cards.

Used as we are to the traditional ways of gifting products, Timesaverz Gift Cards bring in a fresh wave of a unique gifting concept – the gift of service, which effectively is the gift of time – that puts you at ease and lets you spend time doing things that you love to do, instead of getting bogged down by home chores.

Between squeezed-in deadlines and on-your-feet professional existence, the last thing today’s working couples get time to look into is their home maintenance. Hey, did we say working couples? Sorry, not only them, but also their ageing parents, staying far away from them, dependent on caretakers and home-helps, who may not be jack-of all trades. And that’s where Timesaverz gift cards come handy.

Some of the popular gifting options we have noticed since we launched these cards are :

➢ Festive and yearend cleaning of homes.
➢ Helping friends with a move-in cleaning as they shift to a new city.
➢ Getting home sanitized for recuperating parents.

And by doing that, what one gifts is a gift to relax, a gift to enjoy life and a gift of time.

It is a 5-step simple process to gift a Timesaverz gift card.

1. Click on to
2. Choose the amount / service you wish to gift.
3. Fill in the details of the person you wish to gift it to.
4. Pen down a personalized message.
5. As soon as you click the “Buy a Gift Card” button, the gift card gets delivered to the beneficiary.

Timesaverz gift card is available on Amazon India as well, apart from the company website for easy access. What are you waiting for? Go, endow someone you love the “gift of time”