Have you given your home a post-monsoon cleaning yet?


The rains are slowly taking a backseat now. As the season slowly changes, have you ever wondered whether you’ve taken good post-monsoon care of everything around you?

Our homes need some amount of extra attention and care as the monsoon recedes and more festivities come up. Here are a few ways your home can be given the best post-monsoon care.

A thorough balcony wash
Incidents of bird droppings, dried dirt, fungus and mold can increase during and after monsoons due to increased moisture levels. The best way to give your balcony a fresh, clean look is with a thorough balcony cleaning that includes:

-Manual Scrubbing of Floor

-Removal of Dust, Dirt, Bird Droppings and Cobwebs

-Cleaning of Balcony Window, Window Pane, Window Channel and Grills, Balcony door

A complete loft cleaning
The loft is usually one of the hard to reach places around the house and cleaning it daily is often not possible. But during a change in season, it might be a great idea to get some expert help to clear out all the accumulated dust and dirt that has collected in the loft. This can help prevent fungus and mold or water seepage from damaging the walls too. Because a regular cleaning will tap into other problems that may be creeping up without your notice in these hard to reach areas.

Deep sanitization / Steam cleaning of washroom
Washrooms are always exposed to more germs because of the constant moisture. During seasonal changes, cleaning these highly exposed and bacteria prone areas can help protect the family’s health. The Timesaverz washroom cleaning services include cleaning of tiles, faucets, disinfecting of the entire washroom, cleaning of the windows too. So how about getting it done today?

Window cleaning
The rains must have created havoc on your window sills and grills. A professional window cleaning by Timesaverz will ensure – Dusting of window sills and blinds, Cleaning of shutters and channels too.

Get your home the special post-monsoon care it needs. Log on to Timesaverz today.