Here’s why you should get your own Timesaverz Subscription Package Today!


Sometimes, taking care of work pressures and the home front can turn into quite the challenge. We can all relate to how balancing professional workloads and then ensuring everything at the home front is under control and taken care of can be quite a juggle!

That’s probably the reason why most of us end up feeling like as though half of our tasks still remain pending at the end of the day!

Now the thing is, the best way to create the ideal balance for yourself is by trying to spend enough time with the family and friends, while ensuring workloads and home care tasks are all taken care of conveniently and without any stress!

How can Timesaverz help?

Besides allowing you the freedom to get your home chores and associated tasks like general repairs and more done by simply booking a service as per your convenience, you can also opt to have your own Subscription Package.

What is the best thing about the Subscription Package?

Depending on the kind of home chores or home care tasks like repairs and maintenance you feel you most require in the year, you can bundle up various services, customize it as your package and then enjoy amazing discounts, the attention of dedicated and trained representatives, all year long!

Packages Available To You


For just Rs. 499/- a year, you can unlock a range of benefits including 15% discount on every booking, 2 hours turn-around time, 1 free inspection in the year for any service and so much more! Try it out today.


At Rs. 999/- a year, the Silver Subscription Package will give you a 20% discount on every service, 2 free inspections and 500 special minutes on your birthday besides other benefits. Get your silver package to make life easier and stress-free!


The Gold Subscription Package comes at Rs. 1999/- a year and gives you the benefit of a 25% discount on every service besides other favorable features. Think about it and take your pick today!


Enjoy a neat 30% discount on every booking through the year once you enroll for the Platinum Subscription Package and 4 free inspections for any services besides other amazing benefits.

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself and your loved ones the benefits of a stress-free life where everything related to home care, cleaning, repairs and more are taken care of, instantly.