Humans Of Timesaverz: Our Agent, Ravi’s Story

We are happy to share our #HumansofTimesaverz story on our service agent Ravi Gupta. Ravi is an electrician based out of Mumbai. What does he love most about working at Timesaverz? Read on to find out.

Tell us about yourself
I am Ravi Gupta and I’m from Banarasi. But I’ve grown up in Mumbai, I did my entire schooling here.

How and why did you opt for this profession?
I have been working as an electrician for over 13 years! Over the years I have also undertaken other short courses like mobile-repair courses to enhance my skills. I like doing this kind of work.

What is your favourite part about working as an agent for Timesaverz?
Well, one of my favourite things is the timings. We as agents have to get the job for the clients done at their homes and this means that we don’t have to specially sit in an office from 9-7. The flexibility is good. We go get the work done and then need to wait for the next task.

What are your future plans?
I think I’ll continue doing what I’m doing. This is good for now. Things were better before demonetization and GST in terms of the way we received actual cash for work that was completed. Now with these changes, we have to get more digitized or use platforms like PayTm… it’s not always easy to.

In what ways do you think as an agent you (all of us at Timesaverz) can better our service to our clients?
For starters, we can wear smart and clean clothes when we go to a client’s house. We should all say Namaste when they open the door. It would be nice if we (agents) maintain the habit of being transparent with customers and giving them things like guarantee cards for parts or sub-parts that were bought for them and also telling them how to contact the company if something goes wrong, etc.

Thank you Ravi for your time! Hope you keep enjoying your work at Timesaverz.