Humans Of Timesaverz: Our Client, Gauri’s Story

We are happy to share our #HumansofTimesaverz story on our client Gauri Chaudhari who booked a sofa cleaning service in Pune. What did she think of our service and what was her experience? Read on to find out.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I work as an HR manager in a health care start-up. So my work days involves handling HR related issues and tasks, focusing on the professional growth of my staff, etc.

How did you like the service conducted by Timesaverz and what was the best part of it?
I felt that the staff was very courteous and professional, they do all their work well. This is the second time I have booked a sofa cleaning. The challenge is that I have a light beige colour sofa and it was dirty and had this huge stain on it. Timesaverz agents did a fantastic job. I had given up on my sofa and if this cleaning wasn’t done, I would have either had to change the upholstery or discard it. But now, it looks brand new and even my guests who were scheduled to visit me that same week noticed the difference. Moreover, the staff was humble and you don’t often come across this trait.

How did Timesaverz benefit you or make a difference to you?
Well, they saved my sofa!

Any suggestions you’d like to share?
No suggestions to share. I order a lot of online services and I am aware of others. The nicest thing about Timesaverz is that even if I book a service at 11:30 at night, by morning the staff is standing at my door.

From our range of services, which do you think is most useful to you basis your lifestyle?
I think upholstery cleaning. I went through the prices for painting, but I thought it was a little high!

What according to you are the top 3 benefits of booking home care services from a platform like Timesaverz?
Convenience, timelines and the schedule – they come when the client prefers and whenever I book, I get the service staff without delay. Also, their so clean and hygienic…