Much-needed home repairs (and maintenance) to keep your home festival-ready

New clothes, Check.
New footwear, Check.
New accessories, Check. New Jewelry, Check. New Bags, Check.

Now it may seem like everything is ready for the festive season, but that’s where we’d like to step in! Perfect homes are not only clean, they have minimal pending repair tasks too!

It’s so easy to push handymen tasks to ‘later’ and then forget all about them. Isn’t it?

Here’s what one typically needs to follow before ensuring their homes are perfect for the festivities.


Always get your pipeline checked by the plumber before the festive season, no one wants to experience water problems or leakage in the middle of a celebration. You don’t want water choking the line or dirty water leaking while you have guests over. Also, get your drainage line checked as there may be chances of some dirt getting stuck causing the drainage pipe to clog.

Repair and Repaint

Give your walls a once-over and if required repair them or repaint parts that are severely cracked. Your house should look fresh, comfortable and welcoming to the guests and not just you. Repairing and repainting the walls once yearly would save you the efforts of a complete renovation of the house every 5-8 years and also elongates the life of your beautiful walls. Even they deserve to look beautiful.

Shop for furniture

This festive season, shop for your house as well as yourself. Revamp the look of your house. Probably just by changing the color of your sofa. Instead of a sofa color that blends in, get a sofa which is a complete contrast to your wall. If the color of your wall is white, get a sofa which is a bright navy blue color or a bright blood-red color to add a dash of elegance and vibrancy. Pair the sofa with some contrast color cushions too.

Pest control

Getting a pest control before any festival is essential. It makes sure that you do not have any cockroaches or bedbugs roaming around in your house to embarrass you in front of guests.

Hire a handyman a week before

A handyman has knowledge on a wide range of home repair to house maintenance task. They are also known as “Jack of all Trades”. Cleaning the walls and repainting them to putting up the decorations for the festive season. Taking care of damage plumbing system to repairing doors and windows of your house.

Professionally trained experts can do it all. About a week before the festivities begin, make a list of anything else that is pending and hire a handyman to get the job(s) done.

What else do you need to get your home festival-ready? Have a look here.