Office Cleaning In the New Year Plans?

Office Cleaning
Clean office = Motivated Team = Better Productivity

Year end is drawing closer and the next year plans are getting into place. Sales targets, business expansion, new year goals are all getting set. Does getting a better work environment figure out there? If not, time it does. And it starts with a clean office.

Being messy doesn’t necessarily mean being creative. But what it does mean is that you get distracted more often than not from your core work. And, goes without saying that you often don’t get what you are looking for, hidden as they are below piles of unarranged papers and files. It always gives the sense of unfinished tasks and stresses one out, and is definitely not a good sight to behold.

Open office plan
As activities get more and more inter-related between different teams and functions, cubicles and cabins need to give way to open desks and platforms encouraging collaboration and free flowing discussions. And something that is catching up fast is the concept of moving desks wherein teammates are free to occupy any desk in office as per their work requirement. It always gives a sense of change.

Smell well
On an average 30% of the dayhours of an average working person is spent in the office. Hence very important the overall environment from light to sound as well as colour and smell is a pleasant one, stimulating an energetic disposition. Carpets and chairs, apart from washrooms and pantry are the main determinants of how an office smells.

While regular cleaning and vaccuming is a norm in most offices, it’s always advisable to get a professional office deep cleaning done once in a year to get that welcoming work environment.