This is why your carpentry work should be done on time before Monsoons!

Monsoon is here and it’s time to bring out the umbrellas, wind-cheaters, raincoats, special footwear, etc. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also notice a rise in usage of protective covers for mobile phones, two and four-wheeler vehicles, etc, but when people are being so protective about their personal belongings why it is that it is so easy to forget about home furniture?

The carpet, wooden flooring, the wooden furniture, electricals and so much more are all home essentials and form part of the overall interiors and layout. It is essential to protect all of them from moisture and related problems during the monsoon.

During the monsoon you might have noticed that there is more moisture in the air and wooden flooring or furniture may need extra attention to elongate its life. Here are some quick monsoon-care tips specially for your home:

For carpets

-The best way to protect your carpets is to roll them, cover them in plastic sheets and store in a dry place during the monsoon.

Pest control

-It’s not just mosquitoes and flies, termites can also cause a lot of problems during this season. It’s always advisable to get a pest control done once before and once during the monsoon, so that your furniture is well protected from termite damage.

-Swollen wooden doors, cabinets, etc are all a common occurrence during monsoon. You’ll suddenly notice that it is tougher to close doors or lock them.

Minor carpentry adjustments can ensure that your wooden furniture is kept problem-free throughout the season though.

It always comes down to the small things that makes the big difference and if you take these small steps, you will end up saving on a lot of time and money.

Interesting home cleaning facts for you

Mopping up a mess at home or just basic cleaning is always such a boring task, is it not? How wonderful it would be if cleaning would just take care of itself! So how can that be possible?

Well there are always experts trained in different kinds of cleaning who can come over to save your time! 

Here are some quick facts on cleaning, just for you: 

Here’s what you can keep in mind when it comes to home cleaning:

-Daily cleaning is not as important or advisable as a THOROUGH cleaning. Often times, home owners tend to forget this.

-Cleaning the house two to three times a week should be fine, however, this also depends on the kind of lifestyle you lead and number of family members living at home. The fewer the members, the less dirty the house is bound to get.

-Saving time on cleaning by making use of machines or skilled staff  can help increase individual productivity and focus on other family and home tasks.

So, how about trying out a thorough and professional cleaning service today?

This is how you can reduce time spent on home chores


It’s a fast-paced life, what with demanding work schedules and deadlines. Finding enough time to spend with family and friends or simply to indulge in the things you like, is always a struggle, is it not? And then, to top it all off, there’s the issue of home chores to deal with!

While on the one hand, hiring professionals to take care of a range of home care tasks is always a feasible (and convenient) option, for those days when you can’t get expert help, how can you spend less time on chores?

Team two tasks together
A writing professional from Mumbai adopts the ‘two tasks together’ method, and it seems to work to her benefit quite effectively. What does this mean? Well, on days when the maid decides to take a sudden leave of absence and she is saddled with the chores and professional commitments, she simply teams two tasks. The washing machine is put on and clothes are washed while she cleans the floors, for instance. So this helps cut down the total amount of time taken on individual tasks.

Use minimal kitchen items
When the helper is not around and you haven’t the time to try a professional kitchen cleaning service, simply stick to minimal. One of the problem with kitchen items is that it so easy to keep removing fresh spoons, bowls or plates for use even if the sink still has unwashed utensils. Avoid doing this and it might help you cut down on time spent in kitchen cleaning tasks.

Reduce clutter and décor
Minimalism is soon going to be the way to go. Try to reduce clutter and avoid indulging in too much home décor so that it cuts down cleaning, especially tasks like dusting by more than half! Imagine cleaning a furniture surface that has one item of décor as opposed to cleaning a surface that has multiple little items. Which would take longer?

Divide cleaning per days
Everything doesn’t need to be cleaned all the time or everyday, if you are hard-pressed for time. Try to divide cleaning tasks as per days. For instance, get the balconies done on Sundays, the living room on Mondays and so on.

Mechanize the home, for tasks
When it comes to getting chores done, most people find it boring because it is time consuming and needs to be done manually. But you can choose to live comfortably by investing in machines that help cut down time spent on common chores. A vacuum cleaner or washing machine. Or a handy mop to do the floors when running out of time….

Humans of Timesaverz: Our agent Majid shares a few thoughts


TS: Hi Majid, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Majid: I am from a small village about 30 kms away from Hyderabad. I love Hyderabad as a city, I came here to work in 2001.

TS: Why did you choose to work as a professional home cleaner?
Majid: In 2005, I studied housekeeping and to be honest, cleaning (all types of cleaning) is something I know and what I am trained in. I have also done a pest control training and in the past have stepped in to work as a plumber / electrician too!

TS: What is the best thing and worst thing about your job?
Majid: Well, there’s nothing that I don’t like really. But I do feel that same-day booking becomes quite a challenge! Especially because adjusting the time and ensuring the work is done well is a priority for me.

Further to this, sometimes weekends and festive days become gruelling due to surplus demand. But all of us manage somehow because it is the best time to earn more! While on an average I get 2-3 job requests in day, over weekends it doubles up and during festivities like Diwali team, I need to add more team members as sometimes the orders go up to even 10-12 a day.

TS: How long have your worked here and what are your future plans?

Majid: I have worked at Timesaverz for about 3 years. I like to take things one day at a time and right now, I just want to focus on work.

TS: Tell us a little about your work process, after you get a service confirmation…how do you handle things?

Majid: I call the customer and confirm the service they need. Then I confirm the time, sometimes customers may have booked a 9 am slot but need the agent to come in urgently and much before the booked time. So I ask them their preference and accordingly try to adjust.

TS: Have you always worked as a cleaning agent, even before Timesaverz?

Majid: Yes. I worked independently prior to this and now I work as a cleaning agent with Timesaverz. Earlier, I would have to go around promoting myself in corporates. Now that I am with Timesaverz, I just have to focus on work because they bring the jobs to me! It’s nice that they take care of generating demand while I focus on my area of work.

TS: What are some of your hobbies or favorite foods?

Majid: I love movies and chicken biryani!

TS: That’s nice! Which is your recent most favorite movie?

Majid: I would have to say Bahubali 2. Oh and my favorite cold drink is Thums up!

TS: Any message for our readers?

Majid: Smile and be happy, always!

Thank you for your time Majid! And keep rocking at your cleaning job.

Things to keep in mind when bleaching your face during Summer

Summer is far from over but while the season progresses, at-home beauty treatments are picking up pace. It is so much more convenient (and easier) to get salon style pampering done at home, isn’t it?

However, when getting a full face and neck bleaching done, especially during Summer, in order to ensure optimum results and better skin care, it helps to focus on the following. Continue reading “Things to keep in mind when bleaching your face during Summer”