A Sweeter Gift for your Employees this Diwali

Hectic schedules, erratic work hours and late shifts – this is the norm of life in the city. Us city-dwellers are lost in our own concrete jungle of responsibilities and errands. At least we don’t have a scarcity of resources … except time … and patience! And aren’t these two stretching thin every day!

Even though our families are getting smaller, the errands don’t seem to reduce at all. Add to that, work responsibilities during the festive season. For some reason, workload during the festivities seems to be piling up like chaklis before Diwali. And ‘tis the season of Bonuses – everybody wants the prize.

With more employers zoning in on the festivals to achieve maximum targets, employees go all-in to claim the big reward. However, no matter how fat the bonus, the feeling of not having enough time to prepare for the festivities is mutual for everyone. Car interiors too shabby, living room too messy – we just can’t let these things spoil our Diwali selfies, can we?

This is where Timesaverz comes in. Armed with an array of professional home services, Timesaverz brings employers the perfect gift this Diwali. Say goodbye to the same old box of sweets and gift your employees something they’ll really cherish – convenience. Give them the opportunity to relax and enjoy a well-deserved break by getting rid of pesky home chores.

Gift them a Timesaverz service and spread the joy this Diwali. After all, nothing gets employees working like a thoughtful boss!

Humans Of Timesaverz: Our Head of Finance, Shylaja’s Story

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A newer, sizzling way of cleaning – Steam Cleaning 101

You know those pesky stains that never go away? Those dust mites that you’ve been trying to get rid off ever since you can remember? What if there was a way to make it all go away?

If you’ve always looked for a way to make your house gleam spotlessly – your prayers have finally been answered! Welcome Steam Cleaners – the perfect partner for the neat freak in you. Using steam to remove tough stains from almost all kinds of surfaces, this tech marvel is here to make life a wee bit easier, and a lot happier. But before we go on and on about how great these Cleaning Minions are, let’s tell you a bit more about them:

You’ve probably figured out that steam cleaners use steam to get your house glowing like a bright sunny April afternoon. But not all steam cleaners boil water to convert it into steam. In fact, there are two kinds of Steam Cleaners generally used i.e. Cool steam cleaners and Dry steam cleaners. Cool steam cleaning machines do not boil the water and hence steam from these machines has higher water content.

On the other hand, while Dry steam cleaners are more effective at sanitization, they boil the water to produce steam. So in a way they indeed are too hot to handle! However, these sizzling machines have a high steam to water ratio, meaning they are more efficient as well. Both these steam cleaning machines offer handheld and upright options. Even though a lot of upright options are great for giving your home a quick weekend shine, the upright ones are ideal if one hundred percent sanitisation is your thing.
Here’s a list of reasons why you definitely need this cleaning genie:

  • Eliminate germs: In addition to making floors shine spotlessly, the steam from these machines also helps disinfect the surface. The steam penetrates tiny microscopic pores of surfaces, killing all the bacteria and viruses.
  • Avoid Allergies: Steam Cleaning also kills molds and fungus, which further reduces risk of allergies.
  • Eco-friendly: The steam from these machines does not contain any chemicals, making it perfectly safe for the environment and your family.
  • Dries faster: Steam being in a gaseous state evaporates quickly from the surface, making your house shine spotlessly in no time!
  • Deodorizing action: Eliminating dust spores and fungi, steam cleaning leaves your house smelling fresh.
  • The steam can also reach hard-to-mop places, effectively disinfecting your entire household at one go.

These cleaners are also ideal for carpets, mattresses and other upholstery. That’s not all – they can also be used to give your metal carvings and mirrors a quick shine with one of these. Pet cages, children’s toys, golf clubs – anything that requires cleaning – the steam cleaner will do it for you. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

There however are a few things one must keep in mind. Steam cleaning must not be used on colorfast fabrics. It also affects porous surfaces like marble or unsealed hardwood. Hire professional cleaners as they know how to handle Steam Cleaners and will be your best bet for giving your house a thorough sparkle.

So, now that there’s finally a way to keep your home and your mind sparkly fresh, what are you waiting for? Spend your day relaxing in the glow of your house, doing what you want without worries.

Book a professional Steam Cleaning service today and blow off some steam while the specialists do what they do best.

Have you given your home a post-monsoon cleaning yet?


The rains are slowly taking a backseat now. As the season slowly changes, have you ever wondered whether you’ve taken good post-monsoon care of everything around you?

Our homes need some amount of extra attention and care as the monsoon recedes and more festivities come up. Here are a few ways your home can be given the best post-monsoon care.

A thorough balcony wash
Incidents of bird droppings, dried dirt, fungus and mold can increase during and after monsoons due to increased moisture levels. The best way to give your balcony a fresh, clean look is with a thorough balcony cleaning that includes:

-Manual Scrubbing of Floor

-Removal of Dust, Dirt, Bird Droppings and Cobwebs

-Cleaning of Balcony Window, Window Pane, Window Channel and Grills, Balcony door

A complete loft cleaning
The loft is usually one of the hard to reach places around the house and cleaning it daily is often not possible. But during a change in season, it might be a great idea to get some expert help to clear out all the accumulated dust and dirt that has collected in the loft. This can help prevent fungus and mold or water seepage from damaging the walls too. Because a regular cleaning will tap into other problems that may be creeping up without your notice in these hard to reach areas.

Deep sanitization / Steam cleaning of washroom
Washrooms are always exposed to more germs because of the constant moisture. During seasonal changes, cleaning these highly exposed and bacteria prone areas can help protect the family’s health. The Timesaverz washroom cleaning services include cleaning of tiles, faucets, disinfecting of the entire washroom, cleaning of the windows too. So how about getting it done today?

Window cleaning
The rains must have created havoc on your window sills and grills. A professional window cleaning by Timesaverz will ensure – Dusting of window sills and blinds, Cleaning of shutters and channels too.

Get your home the special post-monsoon care it needs. Log on to Timesaverz today.

Here’s why you should get your own Timesaverz Subscription Package Today!


Sometimes, taking care of work pressures and the home front can turn into quite the challenge. We can all relate to how balancing professional workloads and then ensuring everything at the home front is under control and taken care of can be quite a juggle!

That’s probably the reason why most of us end up feeling like as though half of our tasks still remain pending at the end of the day!

Now the thing is, the best way to create the ideal balance for yourself is by trying to spend enough time with the family and friends, while ensuring workloads and home care tasks are all taken care of conveniently and without any stress!

How can Timesaverz help?

Besides allowing you the freedom to get your home chores and associated tasks like general repairs and more done by simply booking a service as per your convenience, you can also opt to have your own Subscription Package.

What is the best thing about the Subscription Package?

Depending on the kind of home chores or home care tasks like repairs and maintenance you feel you most require in the year, you can bundle up various services, customize it as your package and then enjoy amazing discounts, the attention of dedicated and trained representatives, all year long!

Packages Available To You


For just Rs. 499/- a year, you can unlock a range of benefits including 15% discount on every booking, 2 hours turn-around time, 1 free inspection in the year for any service and so much more! Try it out today.


At Rs. 999/- a year, the Silver Subscription Package will give you a 20% discount on every service, 2 free inspections and 500 special minutes on your birthday besides other benefits. Get your silver package to make life easier and stress-free!


The Gold Subscription Package comes at Rs. 1999/- a year and gives you the benefit of a 25% discount on every service besides other favorable features. Think about it and take your pick today!


Enjoy a neat 30% discount on every booking through the year once you enroll for the Platinum Subscription Package and 4 free inspections for any services besides other amazing benefits.

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself and your loved ones the benefits of a stress-free life where everything related to home care, cleaning, repairs and more are taken care of, instantly.