This is why your carpentry work should be done on time before Monsoons!

Monsoon is here and it’s time to bring out the umbrellas, wind-cheaters, raincoats, special footwear, etc. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also notice a rise in usage of protective covers for mobile phones, two and four-wheeler vehicles, etc, but when people are being so protective about their personal belongings why it is that it is so easy to forget about home furniture?

The carpet, wooden flooring, the wooden furniture, electricals and so much more are all home essentials and form part of the overall interiors and layout. It is essential to protect all of them from moisture and related problems during the monsoon.

During the monsoon you might have noticed that there is more moisture in the air and wooden flooring or furniture may need extra attention to elongate its life. Here are some quick monsoon-care tips specially for your home:

For carpets

-The best way to protect your carpets is to roll them, cover them in plastic sheets and store in a dry place during the monsoon.

Pest control

-It’s not just mosquitoes and flies, termites can also cause a lot of problems during this season. It’s always advisable to get a pest control done once before and once during the monsoon, so that your furniture is well protected from termite damage.

-Swollen wooden doors, cabinets, etc are all a common occurrence during monsoon. You’ll suddenly notice that it is tougher to close doors or lock them.

Minor carpentry adjustments can ensure that your wooden furniture is kept problem-free throughout the season though.

It always comes down to the small things that makes the big difference and if you take these small steps, you will end up saving on a lot of time and money.